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It Takes Two has sold a million copies

 Gamers love co-op games, or that's what the director of It Takes Two thinks, especially now that the action-adventure game has sold a million copies.

Developer Hazelight Games shared the news on Twitter, expressing gratitude for the community formed around the puzzle game. “Thank you very much for all the love you have shown our game, it means the world to us,” the studio says. Hazelight founder and It Takes Two writer and director Josef Fares then tweeted a quote, adding that it proves the demand for more cooperative experiences.

It Takes Two has sold a million copies

"It shows that there are certainly players who also want to play co-op-only games!" he writes. "Thanks everyone and I hope we will see more games like this." This milestone comes at the back of It Takes Two becoming a mainstay of Steam's best-seller rankings, surpassing it last week, despite the passage of friends allowing two players to share a single copy. Reviewing the scores on aggregate sites Metacritic and OpenCritic rated it as this year's top-rated new game. Overall, it's done quite well on its own.

Fares echoed the sentiments in his tweet in our interview with him around the launch of It Takes Two, where he said he "would like to see more games" like the release of Hazelight. Perhaps this success could have a domino effect.

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