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Why are Outriders so cinematic?

The Demo version of Outriders is currently available on all platforms - around 24GB in size. One of the points that garnered widespread criticism on social media was the issue of having so many movie scenes sometimes unnecessarily - or so it seems. In a recent meeting, game director Bartek Kmita confirmed that the reason for this is that the game is playable by up to three people in the cooperative phase, and here he hinted that the players should be present together in the same section of the playing style at the same time. More clearly, if one player enters through a door into a new area, the other two players will need to move immediately to that area, regardless of their previous location. And because that might sound a little confusing, the developer placed cinematic scenes upon opening the doors to give players in real-time a more logical and better feel for what happened.

Impressive was the director's openness to changing that approach in case the People Can Fly development team found it not to the liking of players. However, the foundation of the game might not change, especially given the Outriders' lack of dedicated gaming servers among players. The full version of Outriders will be available on April 1st on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC. But comrade “Saleh Bazraa” had already tried her and confirmed that she enjoys an enjoyable cooperative phase and entertaining and smooth gameplay. And do not forget to read the article «All You Need to Know About« Outsiders »The Upcoming People Can Fly Game» for more details about the game, on our website.