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Spec Ops The Line writer joins Insomniac Games

It is true that Spec Ops The Line, published by 2K Games, has not achieved much success, but for many, it is a game that has been blunted by ratings and provided a great experience and story for those who tried it. Of course, its lack of commercial success made its developer away from the idea of ​​presenting a new part of it, so that its author mentioned one day that they would rather eat broken glass than develop a second part.

Spec Ops The Line writer joins Insomniac Games ينضم كاتب Spec Ops The Line إلى Insomniac Games  L'écrivain Spec Ops The Line rejoint Insomniac Games
Spec Ops The Line

Today, after years of launching that game, we knew the new direction of its creative writer Walt Williams, as he announced that he would join Insomniac Games to work on their new project, which may be a new Resistance, according to speculation that it shares some aspects with Spec Ops and the presence of a writer such as Williams will be the guarantor of providing a distinct story experience. .

We recall that Walt Williams was able, with the game Spec Ops The Line, to provide an experience that removes the line between video games and interactive stories, and despite its sin, the writer was able to make the player connected to what is happening in the game and affect them in ways that we have not seen before, especially in the war games that we are used to. However, its stories are not as elaborate as they did with Spec Ops.

As for the developer of Spec Ops: The Line, Yager Studio, we learned in February 2020 that he had also received a grant from the publisher of PUBG Mobile. The Yager studio dates back twenty years from now, and around 110 people of different nationalities work in it. The new investment from Tencent will be used to support his current game The Cycle, along with a number of other unannounced projects as well.

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