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Rumor: Watch Dogs Legion is coming for Xbox Game Pass

It had previously been revealed that an online game had come to Watch Dogs Legion, and last February it was officially announced that the online development would be available for free in March, and we had shared with you an article dedicated to our experience of the next online phase of the game with our impression about it.

Rumor: Watch Dogs Legion is coming for Xbox Game Pass إشاعة: Watch Dogs Legion قادمة لخدمة Xbox Game Pass
Watch Dogs Legion

Today, Ubisoft officially announced that it will postpone the online release of the computer

version after discovering technical problems that lead to the sudden stop of the phase after running the game on certain graphics cards, and work will be done to fix these errors with a date set at a later date to be announced soon. The rest of the platforms will get it on March 9th.

Also, problems with the game's performance were discovered with the Tactical Op mode, so its launch on Xbox, Playstation and STADIA devices will also be postponed until March 23.

A message from the Watch Dogs: Legion team about the Online Mode: pic.twitter.com/VVeaZ7v7yb

On the other hand, news emerged today from the famous Xbox news leak Shpeshal Ed that Watch Dogs Legion is coming via the Game Pass service. Of course, he did not say the name of the game explicitly, but he posted a tweet in vague terms, but many mentioned that he meant Watch Dogs Legion inevitably.

As he heads to the Game, he Passes by his Legion of fans, waving as he goes. He spots his opponent across the room. "Show me what you got"

- Shpeshal Ed (@Shpeshal_Ed) March 5, 2021

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