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Roblox codes - Happy Simulator Codes - 2021


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Roblox - Happy Simulator Codes - 2021

Happy Simulator Codes – Roblox

Here you can find all Happy Simulator codes, The list is always updated, Now I leave you with a list of codes,Roblox Game by creptiez1 – There are tons of gems to claim.

Happy Simulator Codes – Full List

There are tons of gems to claim, we provide you an updated list with all the codes Valid Codes

These are all the valid & new codes

  • kanshy – This code grants 5k gems
  • cookie – This code unlocks 5k gems
  • creptiez – This code unlocks 5k gems
  • gravy – This code unlocks 5k gems
  • z3ttar – This code unlocks 5k gems
  • Russo – This code unlocks 5k gems

No more codes in a few days, come back and check the list. Also, don't forget to like and favorite the game if you want the developers to release more codes.

Happy Simulator Codes – Expired Codes

Here we wil list the expired codes

Happy Simulator Codes – How to Redeem?

It is quite easy to use codes in Happy Simulator. Look in the menu on the right of the screen and find the bird icon. Click on it and the options will open. Simply copy the codes below and paste them into the "Enter code" field, then click use.

How to play Happy Simulator? Roblox Game by creptiez1

Welcome to Happy Simulator Update 2

  • New 500K Visits Egg
  • Rarity changes for every pets!
  • 1 New World!
  • 2 New Eggs
  • 7 New Pets!
  • 2 New Secret Pets!
  • Bug Fixes!
  • Some improvements!

How to Play:

  1. Click to gain happy!
  2. Rebirth to get happy faster and receive gems!
  3. Try to get to the top of the leaderboards!
  4. Unlock different worlds!
  5. Unlock different Pets!
  6. Try to get the secret pet!

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