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roblox codes Pet Swarm Simulator Codes 2021

 roblox codes Pet Swarm Simulator Codes 2021

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All valid Pet Swarm Simulator codes in one updated list - Roblox Game by GameLegion Shamrock - Get free multipliers or boosts for the new Roblox game from GameLegion Shamrock

Pet Swarm Simulator Full List

These are all the valid & new codes (are case sensitive)

  1. 15KLIKES – This code unlocks a coin multiplier (new)
  2. 10KTHANKS – This code unlocks a coin multiplier
  3. 3kLIKES – This code unlocks a coin multiplier
  4. gcntv – This code unlocks a coin multiplier (Secret code)
The 3kLikes code is the first code in the game, but there will be more. Next should be the 10kLikes code, and we think they'll be releasing youtuber codes as well. Consult the list, we will update it

Most codes can be found in Pet Swarm Simulator social media channels

Twitter: ??
Discord: Pet Swarm Simulator
Youtube: ??

Expired Codes

Here we wil list the expired codes

How to Redeem?

Just load up the game and look for the Codes button on the right side of the screen; it is located to the left of the eggs. Click on the Codes button and a new window will appear where you will enter your codes. Enter each code exactly as shown above and you should receive confirmation that it worked.

How to play Pet Swarm Simulator?

Operation code at 10k likes

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This game is in alpha. Please report any bugs to the social links below!

  • Fight enemies to unlock eggs!
  • Plant eggs in your nest!
  • Collect food to feed your eggs!
  • Hatch eggs to get awesome and stronger pets!
  • Explore the map for stronger enemies and better eggs!
Be sure to check out the social links below for updates and codes!

Follow the developers on Twitter for codes and updates!
@ 7illuzive @ManPiddy @YactiDesign

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