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Marvel's Avengers update lets players customize HARM rooms

Marvel's Avengers is added to the list of updates arriving on March 18, and this will allow players to customize HARM rooms.

Marvel's Avengers update lets players customize HARM rooms يتيح تحديث Marvel's Avengers للاعبين تخصيص غرف HARM La mise à jour de Marvel's Avengers permet aux joueurs de personnaliser les salles HARM
Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers are gearing up to bring frustrated fans back into the game, and it looks like the target date for the game's turnaround is March 18. Today will bring the Clint Barton Hawkeye DLC and mark the release of Marvel's Avengers the next-gen consoles, with enhanced features for the Xbox Series X | S and the PS5. But now fans can expect another update to roll out on March 18 as well. Players will be able to customize several different aspects of the HARM rooms so that they can fully train for the battles to come.

Marvel's Avengers won't just get new content on March 18. Part of the game's reinvention will affect the character progression system and how players can get cosmetic items. Major changes to Marvel's Avengers in XP and cosmetics will involve slowing down the rate at which characters level up in the game and making some cosmetic drops less random. Players who are already at max level 50 will not be affected by level progression changes and may also have a better chance of getting endgame cosmetics. The announced HARM room update could also help spice up the endgame grind.

The announcement of the HARM room update comes in the form of a trailer posted by the PlayAvengers Twitter account. The first section of the video specifically highlights the functions of the HARM room on PC, possibly because the video itself is sponsored by Intel. Whether the new HARM Room customization features work better on PC isn't yet confirmed, but the HARM Room update for Marvel's Avengers will be released on all platforms on March 18.

In the update, players will be able to customize the construction of their HARM rooms, choose which enemies to fight, and even add dangers to avoid. Several buffs can also be added to characters for players who just want to beat robots without consequences. HARM rooms will also provide enemy counting options, with Extra Large appearing to practically fill the room with enemies.

While this update only adds to the anticipation for March 18, it's worth noting that developer Crystal Dynamics didn't ditch any of these updates earlier. Fans are clamoring for more content, but it looks like big updates will keep coming at the same time. The time between DLC updates has received little attention, including a small update last week that fixed an Iron Man bug but frustrated fans over its perceived insignificance.

But there are still fans who believe Marvel's Avengers isn't as bad as some say, and that the game is on the right track to redemption. The game has fun combat mechanics and boasts a large roster of unique characters. If Marvel's Avengers can use March 18 as a jumping off point for more frequent changes in the future, it could very well grab gamers' attention again.

Marvel's Avengers is out now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions coming March 18.