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Steam sets new record - more than 26 million players


Steam opened this year with a new record with more than 25 million connected players. In just over a month, he is setting a new record that crushes the previous record.

A well-known industry analyst, Piers Harding-Rolls, monitored the moment the number of users exceeded the 26 million players at the same time.

The number of simultaneous players on Steam breached the barrier of 26 million for the first time. After the first growth that coincided with home quarantine in the first quarter of 2020, the store set new records in January and February 2021, respectively.

Note: The record for the number of players in the games recorded in March 2020 was not broken.

As the analyst said in the tweet above, having players on Steam doesn't necessarily require that they play. In fact, the previously recorded number has not been breached to date – yet, we are closer than ever to achieving this today.

In a related matter, steam users per month are higher than PlayStation and Xbox are not combined.