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Garina FreeFire Free Fire: Cobra

Garina FreeFire: Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale game developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garina and released on December 4, 2017

The game became the most downloaded mobile for 2019, due to its popularity, the game won the award for 'Best Popular Game' in a vote from Google Play Store in 2019. As of November 2019, Freefire has made more than $1 billion worldwide.

The game contains fifty players who descend in one place in search of resources and weapons to kill opponents they object to and to survive as the last living person on the island.

In February 2019, FreeFire reached more than 500 million downloads on Android devices, making it one of the most downloaded Android games in 2019

Garina FreeFire Free Fire: Cobra How to play Garena Free Fire Garina FreeFire Free Fire: Cobra How to play Garena Free Fire Garina FreeFire Free Fire: Cobra How to play Garena Free Fire

How to play Garena Free Fire

The game is a Battle Royale game from the third-person perspective, and upon entering the game, the player finds several stages, which are as follows:

1- Classic and Ranked

After choosing one of the two stages and determining the mode in which the player wants to play (single, group, duo), the player finds himself in a plane with fifty players and then gets off the plane and has to search for the necessary weapons and resources, and during that opponents object to him killing them to ensure survival as he tries to Go to the protection department to take shelter from the dangerous area.

In the end, the player encounters the last person on the map (Bermuda or Kalahari) and the last person, duo, or group that remains is the winner (at least one of the team).

2. Clash Squad

After choosing this mode, the player is directly transferred to a mini-fighting arena between two teams of four players and the fighting passes from seven rounds and the winner who wins first in four rounds, and it consists of two stages: Clash Squad and Clash Squad - the newly added in February 2020.

3. Rush Hour

After choosing this mode, the player moves to a plane with 22 players, after disembarking from the plane in a small area of ​​the densely packed map, the fighting starts with moving away from the dangerous area and the last one is the winner.

Garina Freefire: Cobra

Who among us does not know the game Free Fire where Garina FreeFire Garena Free Fire is the most exciting shooting and hunting game available on mobile phones, every 10 minutes the player is transported to a deserted island to compete with about 49 other players, everyone is looking for ways to survive enemies. First, the player freely chooses the starting point through their parachutes for air drop-off, and his goal is to stay in the safe area as much as possible.

Without a doubt you have already tried the game Garina FreeArena Free Fire which enables you to drive vehicles to explore the parts of the vast map, hide in the pits, and hide the eyes of your enemies from you by lying under the grass, do not hesitate to experience the Garena Free Fire and make an ambush, snipe, stay alive. There is only one goal: to stay alive and meet the call of duty I wonder whether you will succeed this time or your attempt does not stand up much in front of the enemies, highlight your fighting skills and share it with friends, and be the student in the sniper space and do not forget to share the experience of its replay in a comment after downloading the game and experience if you will for the first time try it or if you are one day and you are confined to a corner of the house, stuck in play with your heard chanting sounds Bullets sometimes go up, sometimes you go up here and here you are, you also don't hesitate to tell us your experience, including the things that have caught your attention and the things you wish were in the beautiful Garena Free Fire game.



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