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Doom Eternal has raised more than $ 450 million since its launch

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Doom Eternal made over $ 450 million in the first nine months of its release, according to a statement made about a former id Software employee.

David Saunders, a former head of product management at id Software who held the position from 2017 to 2020, posted a Linkedin update revealing that the latest Doom game has generated over $ 450 million in revenue since its launch on March 20, 2020 (thanks, Resetera).

Doom Eternal, according to Saunders, was a "major goal" for developer id, and that dedication to the series has clearly paid off, as the game "generated over $ 450 million in revenue" in its first nine. the month of sale.

For what it's worth, on PC alone (via Steam) the game managed to draw 104,891 players - keeping in mind the game also launched on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, you can see how it managed to spawn. so much income. It launched on Xbox Game Pass in September 2020.

You can see how the Switch version of the latest game performs against the PS4 Pro here, and - if you want - you can clock it at 4K 120fps on an RTX 3080 here.

We also recently heard that we may be getting Doom Eternal VR sooner rather than later. Better yet, we've also heard that the developer behind the game is planning to put a female Doom Slayer in the game as well.