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Destiny 2 Aspect of Influence: How to get the Grim Harvest

 Destiny 2 Aspect of Influence | How to get the Grim Harvest, Howl of the Storm, and Bleak Watcher Stasis aspects

The final season of Destiny 2 brought a host of new content: including the Aspect of Influence questline. One of the major new additions shows that we are getting used to our power of darkness by giving ourselves a new Stasis aspect to play with. But what are they and how do I get them? We've got you covered.

After completing the Aspect of Influence questline, hunters will unlock the Grim Harvest. As the Titans add Storm's Howl to their arsenal, and the Warlocks acquire the Bleak Watcher.

To begin with, there are a few prerequisites. First of all, you must have beaten the Beyond Light campaign. In addition, you will need to have access to the Salvation’s Grip Grenade Launcher. You should also have done the previous aspects of Stasis. Hope you are done last season and are good to go now.

How to complete the Aspect of Influence quest in Destiny 2

Your journey begins with a trip to the Exo Stranger on Europa. She will have a new quest for you and a bit of history on getting new, stronger opportunities. Basically, you're going to have to craft a Skeleton Key.

Destiny 2 Aspect of Influence: How to get the Grim Harvest Destiny 2 Aspect of Influence: How to get the Grim Harvest  Destiny 2 Aspect of Influence: How to get the Grim Harvest

The first objective of the Aspect of Influence quest will direct you to the Infinity Well. This is where the Glassware strike begins, so enter Charon’s Crossing on Europa, then head into the Abyss of Asterion. Your minimap should have a quest marker, so follow it. It will make your life easier.

As you enter the area, go right. Fight your way through the Vex and Fallen and open the now sealed area. Keep making your way until you enter a wide-open room bathed in orange light.

Here you will see an entropic shard above you with a quest marker. Shoot it with the Salvation's Grip Grenade Launcher. This will spawn more enemies and more entropic shards that you must follow and shoot when they appear.

Keep pushing and freezing all the shards with your Grenade Launcher.

You will enter some rooms where you will have to fight a group of Vex, but once you have killed enough and defeated the boss, your Skeleton Key will be ready and you will have a new quest objective: complete the Heroic Exo challenge in Bray Exoscience on the left side of the map on Europa.

You are now heading for an Exo Challenge, except this one is heroic. For this, it is advisable to go with a whole team of firefighters because they are difficult. It's likely these will change every week but are a lot tougher than last season.

The challenge of the writing week is the simulation: save.

The job is to keep Vex off the platforms in the middle. It used to be easy, but you'll have a lot more trouble now as you'll be overwhelmed by Wyverns and Overload Champions. Over time, they will also start to appear on both sides. Again, we strongly recommend that you bring in a few friends for this.

Collect Grim Harvest, Howl of the Storm, and Bleak Watcher

After that, to recover the aspect of influence, you bring your Ziggurat empowered skeleton key back to the afterlife location.

Travel quickly there and then commune with Darkness. You will be teleported to the pyramid where you will have to go talk to the terrible statue of Darkness. However, it will yield rewards as you are now the proud owner of a new Stasis aspect.

If you are a warlock, this will be the Bleak Watcher. It will allow you to convert your grenade into a stationary Stasis turret that will freeze enemies for you.

Hunters, you get Grim Harvest. This means that when you kill Slowed or Frozen targets, you create Stasis Shards. These can be picked up by you and your team to give you melee energy.

If you're a Big Titan, you get Storm's Howl. This means that when you have a melee ability ready and you swipe, you will create a line of Stasis, much like an Ice Grenade. Enjoy!

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