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Minecraft guide: How to ride Striders and cross lava

 A niche friend to help you through the Nether

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When crossing the Nether, Minecraft players will need to be careful as there is lava pretty much everywhere. One way to safely cross lava is to use a Strider.

Striders are passive monsters that spawn in the Nether and can be ridden using saddles. Saddles cannot be crafted and can be found inside the chests of Bastions, Dungeons, Fortresses, Villages, and other structures found around the world.

To control a Strider, you'll need a warped mushroom on a stick. These can be crafted by combining a Fishing Rod and Warped Mushroom, the latter of which can be found around the Nether. The durability of the warped mushroom on a stick will decrease as you use it, so if you're going through a lot of lava at once, it might be a good idea to carry several on you.

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In the same way that the animals will follow you when you wield wheat or seeds, Striders will follow you when you wield Warped Fungus. You can attract them to you by using this before you mount them.

Note that Striders are extremely slow on land and take water damage, so they are primarily useful for exploring large lava ravines in the Nether.

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