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 GTA 6 May Have Major Advantage Over GTA Online, Take-Two Patent Suggests

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At a time when rumors of GTA 6 are rife and we are witnessing the silence applied by Rockstar around it or about any of its future projects, it seems that the parent company Take-Two is keen to reassure investors and players where its president has already launched a statement to reassure investors about the development of the upcoming game and this is speaking about the work of employees from home and that despite these circumstances developers are enjoying high productivity. There was no decline in quality whatsoever.

Also, the patents recorded by Take-Two show us what maybe Rockstar is hiding from us, today there was the discovery of a new patent indicating that the company is seeking to provide advanced artificial intelligence for non-playable characters NPC so that their actions are realistic whether by moving in the world of the game or acting realistically with the unexpected problems that may encounter them in the world.

The patent also indicates that there are two islands between which they can travel, how NPC's artificial intelligence behaves with their long-distance travel system, and how they use roads. Even the new patented system relates to the mechanism of interaction of secondary characters with the player, with each other and with the environment around them, and to make real-time decisions.

It should be noted that the authors of this patent are David Hynd and Simon Parr, an AI programmer at Rockstar, which confirms that it belongs to the upcoming Rockstar project and that the talk of cars and transport between two islands is only possible in GTA 6.

Generally, another Patent for Take-Two has already hinted at more realism in the company's future games by reducing the processing power and memory required for physical movements in its games, which are usually cumbersome on processors and require a lot of memory space, although its president believes that we still have a decade to get games with a realistic look.

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