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 Grass cheats go back to PUBG Mobile and the developer warns and happens the protection system.

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Pubg Mobile is not new to pubg mobile series, which continues to be repeated and not boring a class of players who just want to win in an easy way, even if it is not fair, and this category is fully aware of its spoiled fun gaming experience both on them and on other players.

Through pubg Mobile's official account

Grass cheating and graphics tampering basically remove all grass from the map for an unfair visual advantage in battles. Due to the frequent manipulation of grass cheats and the continuity of modernization, we have significantly updated our safety system and effectively increased the sensitivity of grass cheats.

The problem is that these types of cheating whether by modifying the graphics through the removal of herbs such as "sledder" and others and to show him, enemies, clearly and without visual effects, or by installing some programs that work to raise the rate of frames in the game better, all methods are not new, but old and most of the accounts that have been used and for 10 years have been closed due to violation of the rules of play.
However, PUBG Mobile is still powerless in the face of the most famous hack to date, the use of The Sharp Shooter Hack, which we will talk about and its damages in another single article, and we do not know how the developer company is fighting these new ways of using the hack.

In the first week of the new year, at the end of season 16, PUBG Mobile's anti-fraud team banned 1,754,000 accounts, including 28 percent automatic correction scoring, 24 percent using X-ray vision, 15 percent using speed breakthrough, 14 percent modifying area damage, 12 percent miscellaneous fraud, and finally 7 percent modifying the profile model.

The popularity of pubg mobile game makes it vulnerable to these types of scams and very significantly and one of the reasons for its meaning of cheating as we mentioned in previous articles is because it is free and available on various devices and developers try to fight this phenomenon that has ruined the experience of millions of players around the world, and work to provide a fair experience for everyone.

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