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Fortnite Set To Get Crossover With G.I. Joe

Fortnite, we are looking forward to the arrival of one of the famous GI Joe characters soon.

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Recently, the official Fortnite account on the Twitter platform published a teaser soundtrack that may be unclear and understandable to many players around the world, but fans of the cartoon series GI Joe as well as his Hollywood movie series will certainly know it.

The teaser soundtrack hints at the latest famous ninja character dubbed "Ninja Master" and the title of the audio file added to that, saying "that lasers are fired everywhere without stopping, this rumble will be perfect." very soon.

At the end of the slap, you will notice a very important sentence: “... and knowing is half the battle.” This means that knowledge is half the battle, and fans of the cartoon GI Joe know this sentence well.

Of course, there are only two Ninja experts on GI Joe's team, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow, where it is very likely that you will have the costumes or figures of the two characters together, or maybe just one character.

As for those who have no previous knowledge about the Snake Eyes character, he is definitely one of GI Joe's elite force ninja commandos, he rarely speaks and prefers to use his swords over firearms.

It is noteworthy that the fifth season of the second chapter of the game Fortnite targets many external characters through joint cooperation with other titles and works of art such as God of War, Halo, the Predator series, and recently the Terminator or Terminator movie by offering distinctive costumes and dances for each of Sarah Connor and T -800.