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Papers Please Walkthrough – Day 1 to 32

 Papers Please Walkthrough – Day 1 to 32

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Papers Please Walkthrough – Day 1 to 32 – Main events listed by days, and a full walkthrough with every choice and ending

Check the main events day by day, but take in mind that there are 20 endings, so you should also visit the Endings guide

Papers Please Walkthrough – Day 1 to 10 

Day 1 – November 23 

Reviewer's first day at work, and furthermore the first day of the season of the checkpoint 

Day 2 – November 24 

Outskirt Opens, likewise a fear monger bounces the divider and slaughters the watchman with a projectile 

Day 3 – November 25 

Section tickets are presently an imperative, additionally Jorji Costava appears 

Day 4 – November 26 

Section licenses are currently an imperative, the import token can be opened, additionally first opportunity to open the Obristan token 

Day 5 – November 27 

Reviewer can keep dubious participants, you can capture the speculated killer (outskirt) and you can likewise open the Antegria token 

Day 6 – November 28 

New report when screening outsider laborers, investigator gets some answers concerning illegal exploitation (fringe), and furthermore a Kolechian bombs the checkpoint and slaughters 3 gatekeepers 

Day 7 – November 29 

A hunt scanner to battle pirating 

Day 8 – November 30 

Strategic guests new necessities: Passport and Diplomatic Autorization. You will likewise meet EZIC unexpectedly 

Day 9 – December 1 

Assessor makes an arrangement with a body watch (cash per kept individuals) and furthermore helps a spy 

Day 10 – December 2 

The examiner's boos visits the checkpoint for an exhibition audit 

Papers Please Walkthrough – Day 11 to 20 

Day 11 – December 3 

Jorji Costava gets his papers all together, one EZIC specialist shows up at the checkpoint, and furthermore an odd man gives 1,000 credits 

Day 12 – December 4 

A specialist (service of data) appears, first errands to open Arstotzka tokens, the odd man brings 2,000 credits (if consumed the earlier day), and furthermore an aircraft kills 3 gatekeepers at the checkpoint with a bomb 

Day 13 – December 5 

Stricter archive prerequisites, controller will lose his reserve funds whenever acknowledged more abnormal man's blessing, additionally Filipe Hasse appears giving an Arstotzka Arskickers flag 

Day 14 – December 6 

An EZIC specialist shows up at the checkpoint (if admited will stop examinations), a contestant gives 2 manufactured identifications, and furthermore now there is a needed crooks list 

Day 15 – December 7 

in the event that under scrutiny, MOI examiner captures the assessor (finishing), likewise a participant drops a bomb onto the reviewer's work area 

Day 16 – December 8 

The sedative weapon is opened, however now you need to protect the checkpoint with it. You can open the Arstotzka token and furthermore a fear based oppressor appears 

Day 17 – December 9 

New watchman at the checkpoint and furthermore another specialist examines earlier day assault 

Day 18 – December 10 

Investigator is needed to give purposes behind each disavowal, you can likewise purchase a present for your child's birthday (tomorrow) 

Day 19 – December 11 

Imporian exchange ban blocks imports, in the event that you purchased a present for your child you will get a pastel show-stopper 

Day 20 – December 12 

Second MOA chief audit (any beautifications in the divider = dock the examiner's compensation), likewise EZIC needs you to harm adversaries 

Papers Please Walkthrough – Day 21 to 32 

Day 21 – December 13 

Republia token occasions start, there is a motorcyclist assault, and the auditor's sister is captured (you can embrace her little girl for 40 credits) 

Day 22 – December 14 

The monitor meets two colleagues 

Day 23 – December 15 

The man dressed in red shows up, you can likewise open the Republian token relying upon your decisions on day 21 

Day 24 – December 16 

Arstotzka seizes Altan area travel papers from their residents 

Day 25 – December 17 

You can open the Kolechian token and there is additionally a major decision, on the grounds that the manager's sweetheart appears at the outskirt and you need to choose how to deal with her 

Day 26 – December 18 

Sergiu's tragically missing affection shows up, and there is additionally a fear monger assault 

Day 27 – December 19 

Arstotzka calls a Kolechian ambassador, likewise the most recent day of Sergiu on Grestin Checkpoint 

Day 28 – December 20 

Sergiu is moved, arstotzka seizes all arstotzkan identifications, and there is likewise another fear monger assault 

Day 29 – December 21 

Vonel visits the monitor, a wrathful dad looks for vengeance, on Simon Wens, and is the principal day you can escape from Arstotzka 

Day 30 – December 22 

Third MOA chief examination, the auditor's significant other gives him a family photograph, and you can likewise open the United organization token 

Day 31 – December 23 

EZIC assaults the outskirt, attempting to explode the divider 

Day 32 – December 24 

Day without decisions, just endings relying upon your previus decisions 

Papers Please Walkthrough – Video Walkthrough