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Among Us has become the most popular game of all time


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The decision to cancel Part Two to focus on supporting Among Us Part One seemed to pay off quickly.

SuperData confirmed Among Us, an unprecedented milestone in terms of player numbers per month.

The company indicated that this famous team game has become "the most popular game ever" after the number of its players exceeded half a billion around the world in November 2020.

It has become the most popular title ever in terms of the number of active players per month. And since the monetization systems in the game are not that large, the payout numbers are relatively small.

The PC version - which costs $ 5 - represents the overwhelming majority of revenues from August to November last year, with about 64 percent. This is although PC players represent only 3 percent of the total player base monitored last November - with the majority preferring to play on smartphones.

Among Us is available on PC for $ 5, the same as the Nintendo Switch, which was available a week ago. Of course, the game is freely available on iOS and Android. It is also slated to arrive on Xbox One and Xbox Series in 2021.